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Adopting a cloud first approach

Cloud technology is the current darling of the IT industry, so much so that many organisations feel that adoption of cloud technology will guarantee improvements over on-premises, traditional, IT systems.

At Digital Evolutions we are expert at delivering cloud solutions to customers and we can help you implement a cloud first strategy, select and implement the most appropriate solutions.

Cloud Technology

Not all clouds are the same and most SMEs do not realise that the same technologies which are used to build the cloud services delivered by the big suppliers, such as Microsoft, Amazon, IBM and others, can be deployed on-premise to achieve the exact same benefits but under your control. Broadly speaking cloud technology can be delivered in three ways:

  • Public Cloud - shared services from public companies like Microsoft Office 365
  • Private Cloud - cloud technology but under your control and not shared with anyone
  • Hybrid Cloud - pick and chose with some components in the public cloud and some in your private cloud

Service Management

If you are looking to utilise cloud technology, especially public cloud, it's vitally important that you clearly establish what you are getting and, what the service SLAs are and including aspects such as legal compliancy and data sovereignty. We partner with a wide range of pre-vetted public cloud suppliers as part of our managed service so we can integrate these with your on-premise systems, whether these are "traditional" or private cloud.

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