I Want... Support for my Staff

Someone to turn to

No matter what steps we take, computers are complex and will go wrong! Knowing that there is always someone there who can resolve the issue will reduce stress, lost time and productivity while staff try to solve their own issues. Although many staff feel they can resolve some issues themselves this can also represent significant hidden risks to your business.

Our friendly, skilled engineers are available whenever your staff need help. They can share your staff members screen remotely or simply talk them through the issue depending on what your staff member prefers. If the issue cannot be resolved remotely then we'll dispatch an engineer to your place of business instead.

Support Staff

Training & Mentoring

The implementation of technology changes or new processes can be daunting for staff. We are experienced at delivering both group and individual training sessions and can tailor our training specifically to meet your requirements. Whether you want a simple introduction to Windows 10, or an advanced class on analysing data in Excel, we can assist.

If you have in-house technical staff or key staff who "own" business processes and need to develop their technical skills, we can provide specific support to assist their learning process and mentor them on their journey.

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