I Want... Reliable Systems

System failure is not an option

There's no denying that there can be high costs associated with IT. However, the costs of malfunctions or the complete failure of systems always comes at a much higher price.

At Digital Evolutions we know that there is a balance between the cost of a system and the levels of reliability that you need. We will work with you to analyse big picture costs and design systems that exceed required reliability. There are many ways of addressing reliability needs - to name just a few:

  • Private Cloud - 100% uptime on your own network - "Cloud but your way"
  • Cold standby replicated services
  • Disaster recovery as a service (hybrid cloud solution)
  • Multi-server solutions
  • Disaster recovery planning

Health Management

At Digital Evolutions our on-site or remote managed services include real-time monitoring of your critical systems so that we are alerted when issues occur. We prefer to be more proactive so our engineers will regularly manually assess the health of your systems from top to bottom. This will ensure that nothing is being missed, preventing issues developing into serious problems.

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