I Want... To Relocate

Seamless and headache-free Implementation

If you are relocating your business, it is critical that you are able to move to your new location and have your IT systems, including telephones, up and working reliably.


  • Installation of cabling, managed wireless and internet connections prior to move.
  • Managed re-location of telephony systems so that calls can be taken the moment your new location opens
  • Physical move of servers, network components and PCs overnight or over a weekend, eliminating business interruption
  • Detailed planning and project management including risk assessment and control
  • One less complex headache for you. (Seamless, headache free implementation)
  • Integrate upgrades and expansions to your systems without the headache

Relocating your business is complex

When relocating a business IT systems and telephone systems are amongst the most complex things that you need to get right. You need agility over final move date but the ability to know that everything can be moved and will work at the new location because if things don't your business is unable to operate.

Our approach to relocations mirrors our appoach to all projects - plan, implement, manage. In this scenario identifying the risks and key requirements for the project implementation are of crucial importance, as is detailed planning. During implementation we will prepare the new location to receive the systems and make changes to the existing systems to get ready for the move. We will continue to manage the project, understanding that the final deadline may be fluid, responding to business needs. We will be ready for an out of hours or weekend move to ensure everything is up and running without hassle when the doors open at the new location. We deliver peace of mind for you and your staff.

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