Free Software

This software is provided free of charge but is not supported by Digital Evolutions.

LogProcess - AWStats automation for IIS Servers

A simple utility designed to automate the use of AWStats in a Windows based hosting environment. AWStats is an excellent web server log file analysis suite that takes log files in a standardised format and produces very useful (and thorough) graphical HTML analysis pages.

AsyncMailer - Background MSMQ based mail queue (COM/Classic ASP)

An MSMQ based Asynchronous SMTP Mailer. This project comprises of a COM object to be used from classic ASP which places outgoing SMTP e-mails in a queue (MSMQ) and a 'service' which processes and sends those e-mails.


PathTool is a utility which can add and remove paths to/from the environment variable 'PATH'. It is provided as a 32bit windows executable with a simple command line interface.

Secshell - Classic ASP version of ASP.NET Viewstate and session management

This project contains a secure application shell with a library that supports users, sessions, groups etc. The shell application has a login page, sample code showing how to use the library and a full admin suite.
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