I Want... Controlled Costs

Value for money

Controlling costs is only part of the solution. The real trick is to monitor value. As part of our managed service we always look at the value of each option open to you and work with you to take choices which lead to costs being controlled. Our comprehensive knowledge of the supply chain enables us to find the best solutions.

The printer with expensive tastes: We recently helped someone reduce print costs significantly by advising them to scrap two existing printers and purchase a new one which had a more reasonable price point on toner.

Control Costs

The wind up PC: If you have a member of staff who jokes about winding up their PC in the morning get the calculator out. If you think that investing a few hundred pounds on a new workstation is too high a cost, then simply focus on the cost of their lost labour. The new PC is almost always cheaper in the long run.

It's time to replace your phone system: We were able to cut a certain well known competitors prices significantly and deliver a more capable, integrated and smart solution to our customer.

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